The Meridia Arbour

An IoT plant growing system for indoors and small spaces


Size & measurements

8 pots in a vertical system that only takes up a 40x40cm area. Great for leafy greens, herbs, onions.

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A wifi enabled chip driving 2 pumps so that each level can be watered independently

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How it works

Press a button on your phone to start watering or set a schedule and see how your plants are doing

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Welcome, early adopter!

Because we want to build a great product and because we want your input on how to make it great we're doing an open beta for the Meridia Arbour. This is your chance to help build the next big thing in home gardening.

By registering for the open beta you get one of the 50 pre-production Arbour devices at a steep discount. We'll also keep in touch so you can give us feedback on what you like, what you don't like and what you think we can improve to make the product better.

This is just the beginning. Meridia aims to not only make home gardening easier but to also teach people how to grow. We're building a community that can share knowledge and success so we all can live in a greener world. Stay tuned for free app updates to see where this is going and tell us what you think, or get involved and be one of the community drivers.

The price for the beta testing unit is 400RON (85EUR). This includes hardware + app and any software updates are free.

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We securely store your email and we'll only use it to communicate beta testing related information to you.

Spreading the word would also do a lot for us

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